CLASS of 1978

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Tim Almond

Years at ZAB: 76-78 (or 79)

Location: Somewhere in England

At June 2000 reunion - (with "pretty sure" Brook Hildreth)

At June 2000 reunion: L-R Tonya Dibell, Albert Evans, Tim, Mitzi Harris, and Cindi Pihl

Bill (Beanie) Aycock

Years at ZAB: 76-77

Location: Orlando, Florida

With wife Charis and children, December 2005

Pete Brinkmeyer

Years at ZAB: 74-79

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Left photo - with g/f Anita at UCF 1979, Middle - with g/f Anita in Orlando November 1980, Right - April 1985

With wife Barb in Philly - July 2005, Inset: daughters Ashley (18) and Kristen (17) in November 2005

With wife Barb at Muddy Run, PA - September 2005

Sylvia Carmona

Years at ZAB: 76-78

Location: Texas

L-R, sisters Stephanie, Cathy, father Alphonso Carmona, and Sylvia in December 2004

Daniel Hess

Years at ZAB: 75-78

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

November 2000

With wife Monica and the "beasts" - December 2001

With Mom, December 2004, about a month before she passed away.

Bryce McCloskey

Years at ZAB: 75-76

Location: Liberty, Missouri

2003/2004? Bryce and Family at Lake Okoboji in N. Iowa

With Bill "Beanie" Aycock - October 2004

2005 Family Picture: L-R: Front Row - 9 year old Princess Taylor (Taytay), Mom Michelle, 9
year old Prince Dylan (Sir); Back Row - "The Old Man", 14 year-old-girl-crazy-son Bryce James

Cindy Parrish (Ramage)

Years at ZAB: ??-77

Location: Unknown

On left with Sarena Stamatellos and Cathy Granchi, San Antonio, 2003

Diego Reed

Years at ZAB: 76-78

Location: California

L-R, Diego, Cathy, and father in law Alphonso in December 2004

Sarena Stamatellos (Weil)

Years at ZAB: 76-77

Location: Chicago, IL

Cindy Parrish on left, Sarena center, and Cathy Granchi on right, San Antonio, 2003