CLASS of 1980

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Jimmy Chavez

Years at ZAB: 72-80

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Jimmy with (left) Elina Pechersky and (right) Neta Shezaf of the dance group Morena Amoora from Tel Aviv, Israel; taken April 30, 2006 at the Albuquerque Journal Theatre

Dino Ellena

Years at ZAB: 77-80

Location: Tarentum, PA

Dino's Twango Site

December 2005

Dino and Family - Unknown Date

Click here to view Dino's pictures and videos!
Click Here to view Dino's pictures and videos

Stephanie Jonas (-Sullivan)

Years at ZAB: 76-79

Location: Pennsylvania

Stephanie with mom, Patti and daughter, Lauren taken in Okinawa in spring of 2001

Stephanie with mom, Patti and daughter, Lauren taken at Tavern on the Green in July 2005.

Tom Miller

Years at ZAB: ??-80

Location: Unknown

Tom passed away,
doing something he loved,
in a snowboarding accident
on Feb 2, 1999

Wife Hattie, Son Michael (7 in 2006), and Tom, September 1998

Luisa Schmidt

Years at ZAB: 78-82

Location: Wilmington, NC

Luisa and 4 legged amigo, Minnie - October 2005

Luisa and daughter Kristina - November 2005. Inset is son Miguel, age 25 in summer 2005

With Kristina and "friend" - Luisa in middle - December 2005. Inset is Kristina being proposed to that evening.