In Memory of Our Lost Loved Ones

As we all grow older, we will be faced more and more with the loss of friends and loved ones. We must all be happy for the time we have with our friends and relatives ... in the end we will all go through that (losing someone we know) unless we precede them into the hereafter.

Knowing that is small comfort...but should give most people pause; mend any fences you have broken in your lives and remember to call or write or email and say 'I Love You' to those you love; there is no guarantee they will be there for you to 'take care of that business' tomorrow...try not to be hateful in your social dealings with others, friends as well as never know when their time is going to come.....GOD BLESS!!!

This page is for those who have shared the halls of ZHS (and the grounds of ZAB) with us and have passed on, and to honor them that they may not be lost or forgotten.

Tommi Barber - Lt. Col.
School Officer 79-80
Ward Carhart
John Chavez
Faculty - English, Foreign Language
Wrestling Coach
D. 21 April 2009
Daryl Cutter
Faculty - English
Clifford Davis
Faculty - Social Studies
Marie Donaldson
Faculty - Teacher
John Engelbert
Faculty - Dorm Counselor and Golf Coach
D. 13 June 2007
Nancy Fann
Faculty - Business
D. 2009
Norman Grant
Faculty - Guidance Counselor
Guillermo Rey
Faculty - Spanish and French
Charlie Johnson
Faculty - Principal
James Lee
Faculty - Government, History
D. 2009
Irving Levine
Faculty - Government, History, Social Studies
Gainer Maxwell
Faculty - Music and Math
Billie W. Murff
Faculty - Librarian
Harry Needham
Faculty - Math & Science
Marvin Perry
Faculty - Science
D. March 2009
Clement Peterpaul
Faculty - Principal
D. 7 June 2011
Gwen Riddle
Faculty - Commerce
Dorothy Robard
Faculty - Teacher
Jim Sagle
Faculty - Dorm Counselor & Track Coach
Caroline Strong
Faculty - Dorm Counselor and Volleyball Coach
Margaret Anne Thompson
Faculty - School Nurse
Mrs. Roene Wise
Faculty - Algebra
Robert Burley
Class of 1959
Paul Zenone
Class of 1959
Kay Van Vranken
Class of 1960
James McPherson
Class of 1961
Pamela Brasington
Class of 1961
Roberta Harris (Marshall)
Class of 1961
Carolyn Cook (Yeomans)
Class of 1961
Jean Winn
Class of 1961
D. Oct 2008
Gary Mitchell "Bear" Olsen
Class of 1962
David Gilpatrick
Class of 1963
Eddie Lamar Naron
Class of 1963
William Ramsey
Class of 1963
Frank Wheeler
Class of 1963
Sharon Skaggs
Class of 1963
Patricia Hackett
Class of 1964
Mike Shipp
Class of 1964
Joe McLachlan
Class of 1964
Diane Lind
Class of 1964
D. Feb 2006
Kay Browning
Class of 1964
Penelope Ann Durham
Class of 1964
Richard Forest
Class of 1964
D.March 7, 2006
Martha "Marty" Moreland (Dominski)
Class of 1964
Steve Wegner
Class of 1964
Gabriel Yanez
Class of 1964
Aug 4, 1943 - Dec 19, 2008
Patrick Novak
Class of 1965
d. June 2007
John Velez
Class of 1965
Jenny Ellis (Yarnes)
Class of 1965
Connie McCalmont (Gentry)
Class of 1965
Calvin Harris
Class of 1966
Ron Wilson
Class of 1966
Dean Barrett
Class of 1966
Richard Poole
Class of 1966
Keith Andrews
Class of 1967
Maureen Hackett
Class of 1967
Ken "Tinker" Degarmo
Class of 1968
Harvey Pfeil
Class of 1968
Cameron Mitchell
Class of 1970
Phillip Booher
Class of 1971
Leeann Middleton
Class of 1971
Larry Fortner
Class of 1972
Jenny Horton
Class of 1972
Lisa Fortune
Class of 1973
Class Secretary/Treasurer
Audrey Campbell (LaCrouix)
Class of 1974
D. 20 December 2010
"Heavy" Jon Curtis
Class of 1974
Jimi "Snag" Duke
Class of 1974
Felix Kelley
Class of 1974
D. March 11, 1995
Mary Alice Selby
Class of 1974
D. Jan 23, 1987
Jeffrey Poretta
Class of 1977
Yvette "Lefty" Tamayo
Class of 1978
Gary Constantine
Class of 1979
Carin Falbey
Class of 1979
Ronny Reed
Class of 1979
Randy Reed
Class of 1979
d. Oct 1, 2002
Lori Oellerich
Class of 1980
Tom Miller
Class of 1980
D. Feb 2, 1999; Snowboarding Accident
Toni Johnson (Sullivan)
Class of 1982
Mary Keyser
Class of 1982
Renee (Carol) Velazquez
Class of 1982
Tim Gasaway
Class of 1982
James "Bo" Jordan
Class of 1982
1/20/1964 - 11/16/2001
Cathy Hutchinson (Mowry)
Class of 1983
D. 12 July 2005
Trent Stuckey
Class of 1983 (or 1984?)
Todd Godbee
Class of 1984
Ginger Bishop
Parent of
Vicki (77) and Katie (78)
Mark (75) and Arland (UNK)
Maj. Barry N. Detwiler USAF
25 Oct 1930 - 5 April 1999
Laura D. Detwiler
27 May 1936 - 26 February 1999
Parents of
Pam (73)
Sharon Hess
Parent of
Dan (78) and Julie (81)
Rick (84) and Jeremy (89)
Dominic C. Rapposelli
Parent of
Jose (78)
American and Foreign Citizens
September 11, 2001
Murdered by Cowards
New York, Washington DC, Pennsylvania

If you know of any ZHS alumni who have passed on; this includes those who attended school at Zaragoza at any time or any grade regardless of when and where they ultimately graduated and also includes faculty and/or dorm counselors, please provide their name, picture, and "class" i.e. grad year and I will post it on this page.

If you have or can provide a later/better quality or color photo of any person listed on this page, I will be happy to update the picture.

I have decided to include parents after receiving a special request. Although the rest of the members of this hall have been listed in order of faculty, then class, the parents entries will be in order of receipt of pictures and information and follow the faculty and alumni themselves.

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Please put "In Memoriam Page Information-Update" in Subject Line.

Thanks...- Dan Hess

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