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ZHS Movies from Tony Fernandez Dan Hess ZAB Pictures "Heavy" Jon Curtis
Compilation of 5 movies, circa 1979, transferred
from super 8 (?) to digital by Tony Fernandez
Some pictures from my time at ZAB Pictures Of and Drawings By "Heavy" Jon Curtis, circa 1973
Toros Football Playbook & Student Handbook. Miscellaneous Pictures circa 70's Luisa Schmidt and Tom Miller
Special thanks to Pete Brinkmeyer for providing the
playbook, handbook, and several newsletters (see Toro Talk Link on this page !!)
Pics from Sarena Stamatellos, Beanie Aycock, Teresa Almond, Steve Barger; Keep sending them in. This page, and the credits list will GROW !! Last Update: May 10, 2007 Pictures of Tom Miller and Luisa Schmidt, circa 1979
ZHS Newsletters/Newspapers Marley Beard
Pics from 60's & 70's
Serious Nostalgia with potential for growth: currently 6 complete editions of Hesperia and Toro Talk provided by Pete Brinkmeyer (from 75 & 76 school years);send YOURS in and expand the archive !!! Over 100 photos circa 1963 and early 70's provided by Marley Beard. Check out the old cars, bullfights, USAF Thunderbirds when still flying Phantoms, and more... for future use !!