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If you wrote it once, you wrote it a hundred times, and it's in your yearbooks on almost every other page. Can't help you with the "staying sweet" part... but here's another way you can keep in touch.

Please register, confirm, and enter your information into the DIRECTORY. Help us populate this valuable resource by spreading the word and getting your ZHS and ZAB contacts to "join" the directory.

We want ALL Faculty, Parents, and former Junior High/Elementary students to enter their information into the directory. GI's (associated with school or youth activities who would be remembered by alumni; examples: little league coaches, Boy/Girl Scout Adult leaders/volunteers, youth center chaperones/DJ's, Church Youth group leaders, school sports coaches, etc.) are also absolutely welcome.

To "Join" the directory, Click the Register link at bottom of page. You will receive a return email with a clickable link to initiate entering your data into the directory.

You can view the directory without joining by entering 'guest' into the username and password blocks of the Display link however you will only be able to view Names, Classes, Years at ZAB. For full access including advanced display options, you must become a member yourself and enter your information.

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