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The Zaragoza High School Alumni Association announces...
Homecoming 2001
All-Overseas Schools & Military Brats
July 19 - 22, 2001
Wichita, Kansas

This event is sponsored by:

P.O. Box 47112
Wichita, Kansas 67201

Since 1986, OVERSEAS BRATS has been helping us reunite with old friends. Of the over 100 overseas elementary, junior high, high school and colleges...32 have expressed interest or signed up for this event. Zaragoza High School is one of those schools!!!

Why Wichita??? Why July 2001???

The American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS) is creating a Historical Park in Wichita that will celebrate our unique heritage! The site dedication is to be held on Saturday, July 21, 2001. This Historical Park will become like another "home" for us because eventually it will house a museum, archive, and a visitor's center that will tell OUR story to the world -- that of who WE ARE!

In order to assist them, OVERSEAS BRATS is contributing the following from Homecoming 2001:

  • A portion of each person's registration fee.
  • A portion of each raffle ticket sold.
  • When a VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card is used for any Homecoming 2001 or OVERSEAS BRATS purchase, AOSHS will receive 3%.

Homecoming 2001 Overview

Homecoming 2001 could be well-attended given the number of responses already received, the number of alumni groups/overseas schools planning activities at the event, and the AOSHS Site Dedication. It's possible the number of attendees could match or exceed the 1,612 who came to Homecoming '99.

There is no hotel in Wichita that can accommodate nor feed everyone. So in order to serve Homecoming 2001 participants, five hotels will be used for this event. These include The Broadview Hotel, The Clarion Hotel, The Airport Hilton, The Holiday Inn Select, and The Marriott .

Zaragoza High School alumni should make reservations at the Broadview Hotel

Banquet functions will be held in Wichita's Century II Convention Center. Since the five hotels are beyond walking distance of each other (except The Broadview and the Hyatt Regency) and all but The Broadview and Hyatt Regency require transportation to Century II and other Homecoming 2001 activities and AOSHS events, courtesy bus shuttle service will be provided those registered with OVERSEAS BRATS for Homecoming 2001.

Schedule of Events
Thursday, July 19, 2001  
8 AM -
5 PM
Homecoming 2001 courtesy bus shuttle service among the hotels involved in the event for all registered with OVERSEAS BRATS
9 AM -
5 PM
Registration and exhibition at the Broadview Hotel
Pending Opening of hospitality rooms at the different hotels
Friday, July 20, 2001
8 AM -
5 PM
Courtesy bus shuttle service resumes
9 AM -
5 PM
Registration and exhibition continue
All Day Hospitality rooms open in the different hotels
630 PM -
1 AM
Cocktail reception, dinner and dance at Century II (Shuttle service begins at 5:20PM and lasts until all are transported back to their hotels.)
Saturday, July 21, 2001
All Day AOSHS annual meeting in the morning, and Historical Park site dedication in the afternoon
All Day Hospitality rooms remain open in the different hotels
All Day Courtesy bus service resumes and includes transportation to AOSHS and Homecoming 2001 activities
630 PM -
1 AM
Cocktail reception, dinner, program and dance at Century II
Sunday, July 22, 2001
All Day All events are over
Groups are spending the last day together

Event Registration

Registration fees and pro-rated fees and deadlines are as follows:

Comprehensive Package (described below):
Before Feb 15th --- $125/person - $120 for OSB members;
Before Apr 01st --- $135/person - $130 for OSB members;
Before Jun 19th --- $145/person - $140 for OSB members;
After June 19th --- $155/person - $150 for OSB members.

Friday Evening only:
Before Feb 15th --- $45 per person;
Before Jun 19th --- $50 per person;
After June 19th --- $55 per person.

Saturday Evening only:
Before Feb 15th --- $50 per person;
Before Jun 19th --- $55 per person;
After June 19th --- $60 per person.

The comprehensive registration package includes:

  • Friday and Saturday night dinners
  • Dances Friday and Saturday nights
  • Commemorative T-shirt, drinking cup and lapel pin
  • Hospitality rooms & meeting and banquet space
  • Registration packet containing your name badge, Homecoming 2001 guide listing all registered as of June 19, 2001, and other important information
  • Participation in the Saturday exhibition and course sessions
  • Directory of all who attended, to be mailed after Nov. 1, 2001
  • Special expanded December 2001 edition of OVERSEAS BRATS magazine with complete editorial and photo coverage of Homecoming 2001 which you will receive after Christmas 2001
  • A donation to the AOSHS
  • Courtesy bus shuttle among the hotels, and Homecoming 2001 and AOSHS activities
  • This also includes the costs for pre-event planning, overhead, correspondence, and staffing expenses at Homecoming 2001.

Additional Registration Information:
Pay 50% now (per the rates above), and the balance will be due July 1, 2001. Refunds are availiable until June 19, 2001 minus a $15 service charge. Because we will be making large financial commitments from June 19, forward, there will be no refund after that date.

Registration can be paid via personal check, money order, traveler's checks, or VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards.

When you register (before July 10, 2001) you'll be sent a prompt letter, e-mail or FAX acknowledging your registration. This letter will be your pass on our courtesy bus service to transport you to The Broadview, should you not be staying at The Broadview or the Hyatt Regency, to pick up your registration package.

Information about the local area will be available when you pick up your registration package.

Ready to go??? Register Online for Homecoming 2001
print out this Homecoming 2001 Registration Form
complete and
P.O. Box 47112
Wichita, KS 67201
with appropriate check or credit card information;
Call in to OVERSEAS BRATS at 316-269-9610 between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Central Standard Time, 7 days a week;
FAX to 316-269-9610.

Hotel Registration

  • All hotel room rates are $75 (plus sales & lodging tax of 11.9%) per night for the period of July 16-23, 2001.
  • Deadline for hotel reservations is July 1, 2001.
  • All hotels listed offer courtesy shuttle service to/from the airport.
  • No phone reservations will be accepted.
  • No direct requests to the hotels will be honored.
  • You will need to list 3 choices for a hotel. Zaragoza High School attendees should choose 1) Broadview 2) Clarion 3) Holiday Inn.

Make hotel reservations on-line
Print out the hotel reservation request form
complete and
Mail to Wichita Convention & Visitors Bureau
Attn: Pam Mowery/Homecoming 2001
100S. Main, Suite #100
Wichita, Kansas 67202
with appropriate check or credit card information;
FAX to Pam Mowery at the Wichita C&VB at 316-265-0162.

Schools participating in Homecoming 2001...

Germany Ansbach
Weisbaden/HH Arnold

Italy Brindis

Japan Eta Jima
Iwakuni/MC Percy
Sasebo/EJ King

Korea Taegu

Morocco Nouasseur/Brown

Okinawa Kubasaki

Portugal Azores/Lajes

Spain Zaragoza

Thailand Int'l School of Bangkok


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